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What is the best metal roofing?

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What is the best metal roofing?

Why we have this article for you?It's because we want to help you analyze your choices.Hopefully after reading this article,you could understand which kind of metal roofing will be best for you.

Roofing system materials are roughly divided into five categories:cement tiles,fiberglass tiles,color steel roofing sheets,ceramic tiles and magnesite tiles.Comparing to other roofing tiles,color metal roofing has some more advantages.For example,more lightweight,more functional and attractive in the market.


1)Metal roofing material types:

Galvanized steel roofing sheets:


Galvanized steel sheets are steel sheets with thickness range 0.15~1.20mm.Since it's with galvanized finish coating,it could have a better resistant to corrosion.The zinc coating range is 40~275gsm for this product.But since it's not with color coating on the surface,it will need regular maintenance frequently.

It's not suitable for the regions with extreme weather.

Galvalume steel roofing sheets:


Galvalume is also called alu-zinc coated,the level of anti-corrosion is much better than galvanized steel sheets.Due to its longevity and strength, it is considered as one of the best metal roofing materials.

Thickness range:0.3-1.20mm

Alu-zinc coating:40-275gsm(Could be more,but need to specially advised)

PPGI steel roofing:


PPGI is short for Pre-painted galvanised,which is the upgrade products of galvanized steel sheets.It's with wide range of color choices.Because of one more layer of color coating,the function is also more strong in anti-corrosion and apprearance.

Thickness range:0.30-1.20mm

Coating type choices:PE/SMP/HDP/PVDF

PPGL steel roofing:


PPGL is shor for Pre-painted galvalume,which is upgrade products of alu-zinc steel sheets.The best material among steel roofing material.

Thickness range:0.30-1.20mm

Coating types:PE/SMP/HDP/PVDF

Aluminum metal roofing:

It's more expensive than steel,but the long life time and less maintenance makes it actually far more practical products.There is Al-Mg-Mn alloy metal sheets and prepainted aluminum sheets.The life time is over 50years for aluminum metal roofing.And because of different metal softness,aluminum sheets could meet the architect's requirements for a variety of geometric roofing systems.

2)Metal roofing coating types:

We have introduced different types of coating in our previous articles,you could refer to them.

PE coating:

PE coating is shorted for Polyester coating,when it's under normal environmental exposure,the corrosion protection period can be as long as 7-8 years.

SMP coating:

SMP coating is shorted for Silicone Mobified Polyester coating.Compare to PE coating,the denaturation ratio is between 5% and 50%.SMP provides better durability for steel sheetsand the corrosion resistance can last for 10-12 years.

HDP coating:

HDP coating is shorted for High-durability Polyester coating.This coating has an outdoor weather resistance of 15-18years.

PVDF coating:

PVDF is short for Polyvinylidene fluoride.PVDF coating has an outdoor weather resistance of 20-25years.

3)Metal roofing choices advices:

Firstly,you should consider your regional climate,and there are C1-C5 different environments,according to ISO12944.

Environment level Building type Coating advice
C1 Dry and clean indoor places,such as offices,schools, houses,hotels,etc. All kind of coating types could be chosed,according to your budget.
C2 Most rural areas,less polluted cities,indoor stadiums, supermarkets, theater,etc. All kind of coating types could be chosed,according to your budget.
C3 Heavy-polluted cities,general industrial areas,low-salt waterfront areas,kitchens,bathrooms,etc. All kind of coating types could be chosed,according to your budget.
C4 Heavily polluted industrial area,medium salinity beach area,swimming pool,laundry room,sour wine workshop,seafood processing workshop,mushroom cultivation field,etc. SMP,HDP,PVDF
C5 High humidity and corrosive industrial zone,high salinity,coastal area,pickling workshop,electroplating workshop,papermaking workshop,tannery workshop,dyeing room,etc. HDP,PVDF

For more details,we could have our engineer to help make professional advice.

Secondly,considering building types,you could choose corrugated roofing sheets or standing seam roofing sheets.Corrugated roofing sheets is widely used in commercial,industrial and residential buildings,and standing seam roofing sheets is mainly used in large stadiums,stations,airports and other large buildings,or geometric requirements for roofing.

Xiamen Yumi steel will help you advise the most suitable products,please feel free to contact us,if any doubt.Thank you.

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