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What's PU sandwich panel?

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What's sandwich panel?

To understand what PU sandwich panel is,we need to know the definition of sandwich panels. Sandwich panels is a product that combines metal sheets and core material. As per different core materials,there are different names of sandwich panels,such as EPS sandwich panels,PU sandwich panels,mineral wool sandwich panels,glass wool sandwich panels,etc. Sandwich panels is best insluation material for roof and wall on steel buildings,and PU sandwich panels are one of it.

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 What's PU sandwich panel?

Different types of PU panels

PU is short for polyurethane,and there two types of PU material,one is PUR (Polyurethane),and one is PIR (Polyisocyanurate).The main difference between them is the fire resistance,PUR is B3,and PIR is B1/B2. Other difference,you can refer to the following chart:

Insulation core material :

PUR (Polyurethane), PIR (Polyisocyanurate)

Thermal Conductivity :

λPUR = 0.023 W/mK1 & λPIR =0.021 W/mK1

Density :

38 ~ 42 KG/M³

PU insulated panels can be used as roof and wall,which are made by 2 thin surface sheets and PU core material.For surface sheets,Yumisteel can do as follows:

Steel sheet thickness :

0.40 ~ 0.75 mm

Stainless steel sheet thickness :

0.40 ~ 0.70 mm

Al-Mg-Mn alloy metal thickness :

0.70 ~1.20 mm

Aluminum foils:

0.065 mm

 Which kind of PU sandwich panel that Yumisteel can make?

Roof panels:

Hidden joint roof panels with 3 ribs:


Overlap joint roof panels with 4 ribs:


Wall panels:

Hidden joint wall panels(Can be without decorative seam or with 1/2cm decorative seam):

Concealed joint PIR wall panels supplier

Tongue and groove wall panels(Available in 930/1000/1120mm):

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☆ Advantages of PU panels

 Excellent thermal insulation roof material;

 B1&2 fireproof level for choices;

 Excellent waterproof performance among all the sandwich panel roof;

 Because PU core material is solid,it leads the high strength for panel;

 Yumisteel can offer full set of installation and construction guidance.

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