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What's metal flashing used for?

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What's metal flashing used for?

Flashing Concept:


Metal flashings are one of the essential parts in steel construction.It has two main functions:

☆ Prevent leakage of rain; 

 Decorative effect.

Generally, it refers to the color steel folding parts,which are used for steel structures, on door edge,window side,corner,eaves, canopy, etc. The metal flashing are made up of color steel sheets,stainless steel,aluminum sheets,galvanized steel sheets,according to the actual size and demand.

Steel flashing is a waterproofing process on buildings. It is popular to treat water at the intersection of walls and roofs that require waterproofing.

Flashing types:

Roof flashing

Wall flashing

Window flashing

Door flashing

External ridge capping;
Inner ridge cover;
Eave Flashing;
Chimneys flashing;

Gable flashing;
Parapet cap flashing;
External corner flashing;
Internal corner flashing;
Z shape flashing,etc.

Trim under window;
Trim for window side;
Trim for window head;
Trim for window bottom.

Trim for door

Yumi steel common flashing types:

Yumi steel have our own common used steel flashings,it can be adjusted,according to related project.Also we can make customized flashing designs.



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