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Xiamen Yumi Semiannual Production Safety Meeting

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Xiamen Yumi Semiannual Production Safety Meeting

Meeting process:


On 2019/07/25,Yumi steel hold a  meeting in group headquarter,the theme is "Safe production and implementation".Around 40 people took part in this meeting.Our chairman,group general managers,manager, workshop director and team leader of each production department all joined this meeting.


The meeting started from watching the security video.The whole meeting focused on the work of “safe production, and implementation”.The production workshop ministers gave a detailed report on the work in the first half of the year. General manager of the galvanizing business unit Mr. Wang and general manager of steel production center Mr. Yang did the work deployment in the second half of the year.

The meeting analyzed the current safety production situation, summarized the highlights and deficiencies in the safety production work in the first half of the year, clarified the next work ideas and directions, further clarified the tasks, implemented the responsibilities, and created a safe and stable working environment for the steady development of the company.


Reports from each production department.


Two gerneral managers made work deployment in the second half of the year.


The conference also awarded the first half of the 2019 security bonus and the June 17th "Safe Moon Watching Event".

Meeting conclusions:

 Leaders attach importance to safe production and conscientiously implement safety production.

The “Proposal to Strengthen Safety Management in 2019” was issued.

 Increase investment in safety funds and improve safety.

1) Invested more than 1 million yuan to build a fire water system to improve fire fighting ability in May,2019;

2) Replace the old circuit and improve the power stability of the plant in June,2019;

3) Focus on rectification of flammable products, such as foam board room and other replacement with non-combustible sheet.

→ Mainly prevention, strengthen on-site safety inspection.

Safety hazard investigation and treatment is the most direct and effective means to do safe production. Through various forms of safety inspection, more than 800 safety hazards are eliminated, including employee operating environment, facilities and equipment, emergency supplies, warning signs, etc. 

Safety production is a major issue related to the safety and vital interests of the company's property and employees' lives and property.The most fundamental purpose of safety production management is to protect the lives and health of employees.Safety production is the most fundamental requirement for enterprises.Safety is a must for every manager. Compliance with the Code of Conduct is an important matter that is often pursued.We call for increased awareness of safe production and its own close relevance.Only by fully recognizing the complexity, suddenness and seriousness of production accidents can we better understand the importance of safe production.

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