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How to cut metal roofing sheets?

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☆ What tools can we use to cut steel roofing sheets?

1)Electric shears or nibblers:

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This is the best tools to cut steel roof sheets. They work very well,while nibblers are specially for corrugated or curved panels. And nibblers tool is more suitable for those professional people.

2)Long snips or aviation snips:

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Long snips are suitable for thin steel roofing sheets, you are able to cut metal roofing panel like paper.And aviation snips are for cutting little notches,with this tool,it can helpful for angled roofing.

☆ Notes to cut steel roofing sheets?

☆   Color pencils are needed,for marking on metal cladding sheets.Why we don't need lead or black pencils,because they are containing graphite,which will lead roofing sheets to be rusty quickly;

☆  Wear gloves, when handling or moving corrugated steel roof sheets;

☆   Make sure workers’ hands or gloves are clean, when it need to mark on zinc/alu-zinc steel sheets;

☆   To avoid using abrasive discs,because they may cause glitch on edges and damage on coating;

☆  Clean off any swarf and metal filings progressively,during the installation.

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