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How insulation material can help create better offices?

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office buildingsOver recent years,many companies improve and design modern office environments,in order to attract more young staffs and staffs' happiness. This is called ‘activity-based working’, also forms part of a wider trend for healthier working space design for staffs.

Research has shown that an excellent office space design can improve the working efficiency and keep people.Harry ‘s is an American brand,this company has done research on office space design choices. Through the continuous adjustment of various office space designs, in this process, they found that excellent and reasonable office space continues to increase the motivation of the company's employees, and the work efficiency has increased by 65%.


Then why insulation is so important for office building?

insulated panels application 

One of the biggest challenges for office building development is the limitation of building size, especially in urban centers, therefore the floor space is usually predefined. One way to use the most of this space is to shrink the external wall structure. By specifying effective materials for thermal insulation and sound insulation in walls, the target U value can be achieved with a reduced structural thickness. Although these insulation materials usually have high upfront costs, they can also reclaim a large amount of floor space, providing potential for short, medium and long-term returns.

☆ By using insulated panels from Yumisteel,maybe you will pay $3000 for the insulation wall panel material,but you can use thinner wall panel.In this way,you can save space for offices.It might save just 20 square meters at least,but if one square meter values $3500,and 20 squre meters is meaning $70,000.Then you actually saved $67000,in fact,you won more.


☆ Except these clear cost benefits,thinner wall panel,more natural light can be got.It's because thin wall panels can reduce the window reveal depths.More natural light will make staffs more healthier and happier.

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