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What should you know before making inquiry for steel decking sheets

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What should you know before making inquiry for steel decking sheets?

Many of consultation telephones about floor decking sheets,many people ask for the price directlybut the clear price of bondeck is closely related to the procurement standards, which basically includes raw material cost, processing cost, loss, profit, logistics and tax. Among them, the difference in the price of the metal decking is the raw material cost.

The cost of raw materials involves the four elements of the purchase price of the floor slab, including model, thickness, yield strength, and galvanizing content.

Thickness, width, material, and galvanized content result in large price differences.

Take profiled floor decking sheets as an example:

Firstly, the cost price calculation formula for the floor slab is

Thickness*Width*Density* Price per kg=Unit price per meter

[The density of steel is 7.85kg/m3]


The same plate type, the other requirements are the same, the thicker the floor slab, the larger the amount of steel used, the higher the price.

Yield Strength:

The same type of plate, the other requirements are the same, the higher the yield strength, the more expensive the price.

The yield strength of the steel plate Fy depends on the design requirements. Generally, the steel plates with higher strength of Q235, Q345 and Q410 should not be used as composite slabs because the properties of the steel plates are poor.

→Zinc coating:

The same plate type, the other requirements are the same, the higher the galvanizing amount, the higher the price.

Cold-rolled steel sheets (steel coils) for the production of profiled steel sheets shall be continuously hot dip galvanized, depending on the design requirements.


Therefore, different requirements, the price of the floor panels is different, and suppliers cannot be measured by simple price standards. Of course, the professional service personnel of the Zhongjian Building Board will also recommend more matching products according to the application engineering of the customer building board.

The following are factors that affect the price fluctuation of the floor board in addition to the factors affecting the cost price calculation:

1. National macroeconomic operation and main indicators;

2. The general trend of the international steel market, the quantity and price of imports and exports, and the relevant policies of the state on import and export;

3. The overall trend of the national steel market;

4. The overall trend of the dominant city market;

5. The economic situation of the industry: macro-control policies, important internal decision-making within the industry, development trend of the industry and demand;

6. Trends in major cities around the market;

7. Steel mill factors: ex-factory price changes, cost changes, inventory, overhaul, and scheduling;

8. Dealer factors: psychological expectations, future generation forecasts, capital turnover, inventory, and resource arrivals;

9. End-user factors: psychological expectations, resource reserves, forecasts for the market outlook, and rigid demand;

10. Transient factors: transportation, weather conditions, seasonal effects, local area characteristics, etc.

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