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What is metal decking used for?

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☆ Development path of metal decking

1)Traditional cast-in-place floor:

The cast-in-place reinforced concrete floor slab refers to the floor slab,it is made at site, according to the design position.This type is used for supporting the mold, tying the steel bar, pouring the concrete, and curing and demolishing the formwork. This kind of floor slab is sturdy, durable, fire resistant and low cost.But it cost more time.

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2)Steel deck series and development path:

The types iteration of the floor metal decking is mainly as this: open type(W type) steel deck - closed type(B type) metal deck - Truss deck(Steel bar trusses decking sheet). In this sense, the history of the floor panels may be more intuitive.

metal decking development path

☆ What's metal decking?

The metal decking is widely used in a variety of commercial and industrial buildings. It includes steel roof deck and floor decking sheets and acoustical metal decking. Metal decking is typically with a ribbed or corrugated profile that is achieved through a process called roll forming galvanized steel sheet. The function of metal decking is to support the floor and roof and also for the creation of forms for concrete. Metal floor decking is installed by shear screws or can also be welded.

steel decking production process

☆ What's metal decking used for?

steel decking application

Metal deck can adapt to the requirements of rapid construction of the buildings that require steel structure.It can provide a firm working platform in a short time, and can use multiple floors to lay the profiled steel deck and layer the concrete flow of the concrete slab.

Metal are widely used in power plants, power equipment companies, automobile exhibition halls, steel structure workshops, cement warehouses, steel structure offices, airport terminals, railway stations, stadiums, concert halls, grand theaters, large supermarkets, logistics centers, Olympic venues,etc.

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